Friday, July 16, 2010

Eye Heart PePer

I use my EYES (sometimes with glasses) to look what the world offers and shows me. I use my HEART, to see what's in it and to hear what GOD wants to tell about them. And I use my colorful PEN to write it all down on my happy PAPER! That's why, EYE HEART PEPER!
Writing is one of my way to express my feelings, to tell what I saw, what I've realized and what I want to tell. I think GOD really planned to put this desire in my heart, He really made this as my passion.. Then, watching is one of my favorite thing to do. I love watching people, weird things, happenings and funny scenes. I don't know why, but whenever I see something, ideas just pop out of my head. My imaginations are unexpectedly working. It seems like my eyes, heart, my mind, hands, feet, I mean all parts of my body, it seems like they are helping each other to make a piece like this, to create something unexpectedly, which is most of the time is corny.( laugh)
I am happy that even I don't have my clear eyes anymore, even I already need glasses to see things clearer and appreciate them more. I know that like a pineapple, GOD gave me lot of eyes too. *giggle* An eyes that see not what is just there, but eyes that see what GOD really put on them.
Woohhooo! I'm happy that I made it! It's my first time to use "blog" I mean, a real blog! Text blog kasi ang alam ko eh. (laugh) Well, take note, first time in the Kath Nobleza History! English to men! Hahahaha.